Saturday, July 30, 2011

Next Chapter

Im at a loss for what to blog. To many things happening and too many emotions running around my head. A lot of it I don't know if I wanna share.

Im trying to get organized and.. start life again. Its a weird thing to do. But Ive made a decision. Im leaving this blog. Im just gonna start all over again. fresh and new. Im not giving up on this blog. its just finished. So, lets do something different...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Judgment Day

There is this couple next to me that is drunk/fighting as they use the computers.. They are on opposite sides of the table and he keeps yelling for her to come over and look at something, and she keeps coming, and then he tells her to get away from him.. in very vulgar terms... and she just takes it and goes back to her computer. I would so dump him. In fact, I would probably poor some hot liquid on him and then dump him. Then I would break a window in his car... (but he probably dosent have one).

But she wont. She will probably take it all her life and they will have 4 beautifully miserable kids together and he will be a jerk his whole life and she will do nothing. And then "monkey see monkey do" and the cycle will continue... It is so sad. I hate having to be around this all the time. PA is so ghetto and gross. Dont get me wrong. I love it here. So many people willing to listen. but it is such a miserable little city.

I cant tell you how much missionaries (not from Utah) will make fun of Utah. And I know its not perfect, but I love my happy little vally, and I defend it to the end. I believe it is better than the alternative. This couple is a model of like 30-40% of the relationships up here in PA. It is so disturbing I want to barf.

We were watching mormon messages the other day. We watched one about this civility experiment. It was very good. This homeless man they interview says some very profound things. He talks about how, he believes, there are more ways to do good in this world than to do bad. But its up to us to make the choice. He also says that the majority of people are mostly good. Its hard to believe it, but I do.

That drunk guy just left and, in a loud whisper, ever so "slyly" told his girlfriend that he will go get them a "hit" and they will meet in the van in a few minutes...

And just as I finished that paragraph.. What great timing.

Pray that the second coming holds off until PA is more ready for it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

15 Minutes

I played my song in Ward conference. I told everyone that I couldnt read music and the rumors started flying about how I had never had a piano lesson in my life and that I play by ear and that I wrote the song... I just let it happen. No harm in it.

Then this one guy visiting from Alberta gets up after church and starts playing the piano all professional like. He was trying to show me up. It was obvious that he was better than me and didnt like all these rumors of my excellence. I messed up like 3 times on my simple song, and he had probably been playing for like 10 years, But no one even payed attention to him. everyone kept coming up to me and asking me what song it was and where I got the composition and I just told them I arranged it myself and let the rumors fly.

Do I feel bad? Not really. I am mediocre at a lot of things, but not 'really good' at anything. I believe they say, "jack of all trades, master of none". But for that day I was a legend, and loving it.

So play on, little punk from Alberta. No ones listening. Your just making a turd of yourself, and not being very classy, I would say. And this is Saskatchewan, redneck capital of Canada, and we dont like your high and mighty type around here.

Put that in your nerd and smoke it.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Also, I was just told this week, for the first time in my 21 year old life, the Squoze is not a word... I have always said squoze as the past tense of squeeze... how has no one caught that and corrected me!? I feel like a retard!

Elder Turner sure thinks I am.

We determined that I must have made some connection with the word 'freeze', which is 'froze' is past tense... freeze froze squeeze squoze...

I have also realized that I use the word squozen on occasion..

Thanks for nothing public Education

Neither of us Can Believe It

On Friday I picked up Elder Turner headed back up to PA. Elder Turner is from Japan. He lived there 8 years and moved to the States. He is from Las Vegas now. He is not Japanese. He just was at one point.

We have been getting along really well. But some eerie junk is going on.. Someone told him before he got with me, that he would enjoy it because we are so similar. But he didnt really believe it.. But since he has been here we have discovered that we have the same body wash and scrubber (which did NOT come in a set) we use the same batteries, watch all the same shows, are the same height, have the same shoe shine kit, are both known mission wide for keeping the apartment clean, and we both always sleep with the wall to our right... I mean, sleeping with the wall to your right!? Come on! I always thought I was weird for doing that..

He is not shy at all, which is a big change from the last 6 months of companions I have had. He talks during lessons! I dont even have to stare at him for 40 seconds! Its great!

I'll miss the Mann, but Turner and I are also getting along great.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pres Monson does his thing

He starts by telling us that there are 3 new temples in the works! Great! First in Colorado. Second in Idaho... Well. Ill just let you watch this. he tells it better.

...The 3rd.. in Canada. In Manitoba. In Winnipeg... In this mission!!!

I couldnt contain myself! I wanted to jump up and down or clap or yell or something! Everyone one in the chapel (like 4 people) was shocked and mildly happy. But to them it was just another temple in Canada. For me, it was a Temple in Canada! And in Winnipeg of all places! My Mission! A temple for MY people! I was so happy for my fellow saints in Winnipeg. I was so happy. It made me feel like I had accomplished something! I was buzzed. What a great way to start off conference.

The rest was also good.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Patience is great

She is sometimes hard to understand, but she is great. She said the closing prayer last time, and she had her son bring her a blanket to cover her head, and she sang a song first and then said this LONG and FAST prayer in her native laguage. it was wonderful. I wish we prayed like that. She wants to come to church, but wants to wait till she gets a Job so she can use the excuse of work to sneak to our church... oh boy.. She is hilarious. I hope we dont get her in trouble with the JW's. Or get ourselves in trouble with them..
All I know it that if things get rough, at least I can get blood transfusions...

The church is true. And Patience says that if it is true we have to do everything we can to go to it. even if it means cutting off our finger.... again.. she is great.